GPRO System
  • —In order to improve coordination between different division , we will install GPRO system on February 2014
  • —What is GPRO system? GPRO is using smart tags to track the garment during process from cutting to QC end line. Please see the illustration as attached from the presentation of PRO to us.
  • We will use Kanbansystem whereby we will establish check points to keep check on the release and receive of garment components until QC finished garments using GPRO machine. GRPO machine will.

Benefits of GPRO system

  • Problem and bottle neck in the sewing line thus handle the problem as early as possible to real time graph.
  • We can check QC rate of defect in real time so that the problem can be solve earlier, the technical supervisor can see the defect rate of one line faster , no need to wait until half day or even half of the day.
  • Increase line output and efficiency.
  • Minimize short shipment.
  • Improve lead-time.